3 Common Car Problems

There’s nothing like the thrill of the open road. Adventure awaits when you get behind the wheel and take to the nation’s nearly 4.2 million miles of road. From full-blown road trips to leisurely afternoon drives, Americans love cruising the highways and exploring the world around them. Even the most idyllic drives can take an unfortunate turn, however, when car problems surface. Some issues may seriously affect the quality of the ride while others leave you stuck on the side of the road, but all are unexpected and unwelcome. Here are some common car troubles you may have to face.

Dead Battery

Of all the potential problems that can happen with cars, a dead battery is the one that car owners are almost guaranteed to encounter. Batteries have a lifespan of about three to five years, and when it goes, so too do your chances of reaching your destination on time. Thankfully, this problem won’t occur while the car is in motion, but it might leave you stranded far from home.

Cracked Windshield

Windshield damage can occur quickly and without notice. Often the result of contact with gravel or other hard debris, cracks can seriously impede the driver’s ability to see the road and also present safety concerns in case of a collision. Repair or replacement is often quick and easy, and the first step in the process is simply searching for windshield replacement St. Charles MO or in your area.

Flat Tire

Driving over nails, glass and other sharp objects can puncture and deflate a tire. The frequency of the problem is why cars come equipped with spare tires or tire repair kits. Tires become increasingly prone to puncture when over-inflated or when the tread is worn down, which is why it’s so important to check tire pressure and tread depth before driving long distances.

Car trouble often occurs when you are least expecting it. Being aware of potential problems, however, can help drivers react safely and get back on the road quickly.

Author: Erik Gray