3 Dangerous Driving Scenarios

It is important to be a proactive driver. Be prepared for unexpected things to happen while out on the road. Accidents can happen and knowing how to avoid them is a vital part of keeping everyone involved safe.

1. Construction Zones

While many drivers groan when they see traffic cones Fort Collins CO going up, maintaining the roads is necessary. Workers may occasionally need to walk near the edge of the construction site, so it is important to keep an eye out for people and objects that could come out into traffic. Observe the posted speed limits when driving in construction zones to not only avoid tickets but also allow for enough reaction time should the need arise to stop or change lanes.

2. Broken Train Signal

A very dangerous situation can occur when a train signal breaks. A malfunctioning signal may activate the lights and lower the barrier arms when there is no train coming. That leaves drivers confused about how to proceed. Some may attempt to cross to the other side while others try to turn around. It is best to contact the railroad and let them know what is going on so they can send someone to fix it. Dialing an emergency service is also an option, as it will alert the authorities so they can react quickly by sending someone to close the crossing to traffic.

3. Storms

Storms make driving difficult for a number of reasons. Rain, sleet and snow impede vision and lessen the distance the driver can see out of the window. The roadways can also become very slick or flooded. Vehicles may slide and possibly collide with other cars, objects or pedestrians. Slow down during storms and pull off the road if necessary to stay safe.

Use caution when dealing with potentially dangerous road conditions and be alert at all times when behind the wheel. Driving is a great way to get from place to place as long as it is done safely.

Author: Erik Gray