3 Numbers You Should Always Keep on Hand

The very definition of an emergency is when something happens unexpectedly. Because you don’t know when things will spiral out of control, you want to be ready for everything. That is why you should always have these numbers with you. 

1. Towing Service

Car troubles can come out of nowhere. Even a properly maintained car can have unexpected trouble. You could have issues starting your car after a day of shopping, or you could have a blowout and not have a spare tire on hand. When these things happen, you need to have a reliable tow service you can count on. You want an affordable company that responds quickly and has caring and compassionate staff that won’t worsen your stressful situation. 

2. Locksmith

Locking yourself out of your house or car is a terrible feeling. You could spend the time trying to find a window that might be open in your home or hope to locate a lone hangar lying around to try to open the car door, but you’ll likely find that you’re unsuccessful in your attempts. Instead, contact an emergency locksmith when you’re locked out. They can quickly open your door for you and make extra keys for you to hide outside of your home or put in a magnetic container to hide in the wheel well of your car. 

3. Poison Control

You might think that you’ll never need to call poison control in your life, but you might be surprised by how useful they can be. If you accidentally take too many vitamins, you can call and ask if you should seek emergency care. Additionally, if you find that your frozen cherries had pits that got ground up in your morning smoothie, you can call to see if you should toss the smoothy or if it is safe to drink. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your body and health. 

Author: Erik Gray