3 Pressure-Filled Career Fields Using Measurement Instruments

If you think your life is filled with pressure, you may not have considered different career fields that work with pressurized instruments and tools each day. Whether the work is repairing engines or human bodies, your life may depend on appropriate pressure levels. These three career fields in Florida and nationally use precise instruments to measure pressure.


When you take your car to a garage for service, you will probably encounter a dynamometer. There are multiple types of this instrument mechanics use.

  • Chassis dynamometer—Features rollers onto which vehicles are driven to test engine power. These metal drums measure how much torque engines produce by absorbing the energy.
  • Speedometer—Your vehicle’s speedometer is also a type of dynamometer. These instruments work through electromagnetism.

These instruments give mechanics information about your vehicle to help them repair and fine-tune it.

Industrial Machine Repair Experts

Factories and sectors using complex heavy machinery such as construction need to calibrate and maintain machines regularly. Dynamometers help companies measure and reset heavy-duty scales, measure emissions, and ensure maximum efficiency for assembly line machines. Factory and business owners depend on precision instruments Florida to keep their operations working smoothly.

Medical Professionals

High-quality instruments for measuring force have many applications. Doctors and nurses, in fact, use a type of dynamometer to test the strength patients have at any given time. One common example is a simple hand-held dynamometer with a soft grip at one end for patients to squeeze and a bulb at the other that measures the force exerted. This measurement helps doctors gauge a patient’s condition for diagnosis or determine how recovery is progressing.

Measuring the Force

Advanced tools have been created to measure the force exerted by the many machines that drive the modern era. Medical professionals use versions of these same tools to test the human body—also a machine. Specialized tools such as dynamometers help experts keep machines calibrated and repaired. When everything is well-oiled and running smoothly, the logistics almost everyone counts on are carried out problem-free.

Author: Erik Gray