3 Things Every Bachelorette Party Needs

A bachelorette party is meant for spending quality time with friends and having a blast no matter what the party plan is. Make your friend’s bachelorette party extra special with these fun ideas.

Rent a Party Bus

Whether you’ve planned a casino night in Atlantic City or a girl’s night in an Airbnb, a party bus is always a good idea. Rather than having to split up the party by driving separately, find an affordable party bus Las Vegas and spend the whole night with your friends. This is a great way to start the night, and we’re pretty sure that everyone has wanted to ride in a party bus at least once in their life.

Choose a Unique Theme

Not every bride wants a pink-themed, wild night. Think about your friend’s interests when planning her bachelorette party. If she loves Italy, talk about going to a vineyard or setting up a wine tasting. Once you’ve chosen a theme, go all out with it. Find fun decorations and party favors, send out themed invitations and even pick a signature drink for the night. Find out the bride’s favorite flavors and create a special cocktail or mocktail.

Purchase Personalized Gifts

Everyone loves a good bride and bridesmaid sash and crown combo, but take your party to the next level by getting personalized gifts. Plan the gifts with your destination and party theme in mind. If you’re going to the beach, embroidered beach towels or hats are a great idea. If the bride likes a good party, think about purchasing bride and bridesmaid shot glasses or thongs. Whatever you decide, make it personal and make it unique.

At the end of the day, make sure you’ve captured the bride’s hopes for her bachelorette party. It is, after all, a party to honor her and her friendships. 

Author: Erik Gray