3 Things To Do After an Auto Accident

Unfortunately, accidents happen on the roads. People sometimes get distracted or outside factors intervene, leaving drivers to deal with the aftermath of the impact. If you haven’t experienced the situation before, then you may be uncertain about how to proceed. Here are three important things you should do as soon as possible.

1. Speak to Your Insurer

No matter who is at fault, you should contact your insurance agent. If you received the ticket, then your company needs to understand details of the event; plus, the officials may want a heads up about the other vehicle and if that owner requires assistance. Proactive approaches not only show effort, but they could expedite the claims for both sides. What if you were the victim? In this case, the agency may be able to take over the paperwork for you. It’s a good time to start asking questions.

2. Obtain Damage Estimates

Even if you can drive your automobile, you want to know if any hidden devastation has happened. Places that specialize in collision repair services Lakewood CO can assess the external and internal conditions, determining what should be fixed. Don’t continue to travel until this has been done. Ensure your safety and that of others.

3. See a Doctor

When two cars collide, metal-on-metal creates a seriously powerful impact. The initial shock may seem so overwhelming that you don’t realize you’re in physical pain. Soft tissue injuries and whiplash can occur. They often exasperate a day or two later. Don’t assume that these feelings are just muscle discomfort or a minor headache. It’s tempting to consider over-the-counter medicine will make it go away; however, that isn’t always the case. Get an exam to double-check, seeking medical assistance in the recovery process.

If you are in a fender-bender, take a few deep breaths. Remember to take care of yourself and contact the proper authorities.

Author: Erik Gray