3 Times You Should Call a Pro for Vehicle Repairs

Your vehicle is something you depend on every day. Unfortunately, these intricate pieces of machinery can break down, often at what seems like the worst possible time. Preventive maintenance and proper care can stave off costly repairs, but sometimes parts will fail regardless after extended driving mileage. Below are three major automotive components that can give out. At the first sign of symptoms, you should seek professional auto repair services Bristol RI.


Transmissions are vital to making a car go, so when they start to fail it can be troublesome. Grinding noises, popping out of gear, weak shift points and leaking fluid are all signs of an aging transmission. Driving under these conditions can cause further damage and be unsafe. With a lot of moving parts, seals and contained oil, it is not easy to access and figure out what is going on.

Fuel Pump

Most modern fuel pumps are located within the fuel tank itself. Gaining access to them in order to replace it yourself can be difficult if not dangerous. However, continuing to drive with a faulty one can eventually lead to total fuel starvation which will leave you stranded. If you’re experiencing sputtering, stalling, loss of power or fuel efficiency losses, then it might be early signs of a fuel pump malfunction.

Engine Control Unit

The ECU is the computer or electronic “brain” of your vehicle. It is an essential component to the proper operation of a host of functions. One thing it does is control the air and fuel mixture that is sent to the engine. This is critical to an engine being able to run correctly. The symptoms are similar to fuel pump issues such as loss of power and inability to start, so proper diagnosis can save you the headache of trying to troubleshoot on your own.

Author: Erik Gray