4 Accessories Every Truck Needs

Truck owners are known for having pride in their ride. Sportive banter regarding favorite manufacturers and features have fueled the fun at summer get-togethers for decades. One thing that can be agreed on, though, is that owners want to take care of their trucks and make them last as long as possible. New truck owners want the hard work they invested in purchasing their vehicle to be worth the effort. Many, when purchasing a new truck, also purchase some add-ons to make their truck more durable and long-lasting. Here are a few recommended accessories to make any truck top notch. 

1. Bed Liner 

With many options available, drop-in bed liners will protect the bed of the truck for many years. These can protect against spills, scratches, dents, and the effects of weather on the bed of the truck. This will keep the truck from losing value in its most exposed section. 

2. Tail Gate Lock 

Not only is it frustrating but very expensive to replace a stolen tailgate. With tailgate theft on the rise, owners should invest in a good lock to prevent a thief from easily detaching and stealing away the back end of their vehicle.  

3. Under-Seat Storage 

There is a lot of wasted space under the back seats. Things roll around and get lost or trash collects under them. Installing storage bins will prevent this and also give an out-of-sight place to store anything that is needed. 

4. Full-Size Spare Tire 

Having a regular tire instead of a donut is an obvious upgrade for any truck. If a truck is hauling a heavy load, whether a cab full of kids or a trailer full of bricks, the best replacement for a flat tire is a full-size tire.  

These additions are simple and should not void the warranty on a new vehicle. An owner should consult their policy just to be sure before making any changes. These basic upgrades will bring value to any owner and make their truck even more functional. 

Author: Erik Gray