4 Things Your Hangar Needs

Your personal aircraft is a major investment, and you want it to last for many years. A good hangar is key for keeping your plane, helicopter or ultralight in top condition. The following are four important factors to keep in mind when building your hangar.  

1. Good Doors

The hangar needs heavy-duty weather-sealed doors to protect the aircraft from inclement weather. Well-designed doors take up no more space than necessary, leaving more room to work on the aircraft. Folding, sliding and lifting doors are among the most common options available.

2. Level Foundation

When your aircraft is being worked on, it will likely be lifted off the ground. A level foundation allows the lifting tools to support and balance the aircraft. A level foundation is also important for the hangar itself as it minimizes stress on the structure.

Because aircrafts are so heavy, it is important to use a strong material for the foundation. Concrete is good for this purpose. Make sure the coating applied over the foundation is strong and durable. It is best to use a coating that will provide some traction.

3. Adequate Space

Aircrafts are large machines, and the tools needed to work on them take up additional space. There must be adequate room to both store and perform maintenance on the airplane, helicopter or ultralight.

When building your hangar, carefully map out the dimensions of the aircraft, maintenance tools and all other equipment. Make sure there is enough room for everything to fit and for all maintenance workers and other visitors to move about comfortably.

4. Good Lighting

Lighting is very important. Inspections, maintenance and repairs all require good visibility. Hangars have large open areas, and it can be difficult to make sure the space is well lit. Skylights are a good way to take advantage of daylight.

Where you store your aircraft greatly affects its lifespan and operating condition. Make sure your hangar has everything you need to keep your plane, helicopter or ultralight in good working order.

Author: Erik Gray