4 Tips for Gas Station Safety

Although stopping by a gas station is an everyday task for many drivers, it may present more danger than many people realize. Gasoline is highly flammable and spills or fires at stations could be deadly. Whether you are a daily commuter or gas station owner, consider a few tips that may help you to keep yourself and others safe while fueling up.

1. Maintain Equipment

One source of potential problems at gas stations is the equipment used at the pump. Namely, hoses and nozzles must be inspected and maintained. Because these items are used so frequently, they can become worn or damaged over time. One way to prevent wear and tear on hoses is to use an EZ flo clamps that prevents the hose from falling to the ground where it could be driven or walked over. Gas station attendants should be sure to regularly check this equipment throughout the day.

2. Use Proper Containers

Many people who stop to get fuel may need to fill containers other than their car’s built-in tank. It is vital that only approved containers are used, as others may lead to leaks and spills. Customers must be careful to not overflow either their car’s tank or portable containers, as the spilled gasoline presents a fire hazard. If you ever encounter a spill, be sure to alert a gas station attendant and to allow the fuel to evaporate before starting your car.

3. Eliminate Sources of Static or Flames

A final safety tip to keep in mind is to avoid any activities that could be a source of static or flame. This includes smoking, re-entering your car and leaving your engine running. It is also a good idea to develop a habit of discharging any potential static on you and your clothing by touching a different metal surface before handling the nozzle.

Stopping for fuel is certainly a common chore, but it is not one to take lightly. Remember to take precautions when fueling up so that everyone at the station can safely continue on their way.

Author: Erik Gray