4 Yearly Vehicle Maintenance Tips

If you are like many people, you rely on your vehicle to move you around town, travel on vacation, and take you to work each week all year long. To keep your car in top condition, some yearly maintenance routines should be performed. Here are the top four.

1. Fluids

The fluid flowing through your auto will degrade over time as the heat from your running engine breaks it down. There are also small pieces of metal that often break off into some of the fluid that can cause your engine to pit and become damaged. Changing the fluids can reduce engine harm and keep you on the road.

2. Brakes

The brakes on any moving vehicle need to be in good working order to allow prompt stopping and to prevent accidents. Contact a brake repair Hackensack NJ company if you hear squealing, grinding, or thumping coming from your wheels. The sounds may indicate a serious problem in the rotors or brake shoes that can easily be addressed by a repair shop.

3. Tires

The sun’s UV rays and the normal wear-and-tear of road travel can erode your automobile’s tire tread. To check the tread depth, use a penny. The general rule for most tires is that the tread must cover the top of Lincoln’s head when a penny is inserted into the tire’s groove. If the top of his head shows, you need to replace your tires.

4. Wipers

Because of the damage done to plastic wipers by the sun’s rays, most vehicles need to have a windshield wiper change at least once a year. If you notice the wiper surface is ripped or damaged, replace them immediately.

Keeping your car in top condition should be one of your high priorities. Performing these four-yearly maintenance tips can help your vehicle stay safer and protect you longer.

Author: Erik Gray