A Look at Various Types of Auto Insurance

Whether new or used, one of the first things you’ll need to do is obtain auto insurance when you buy a car. It can be confusing to know exactly what types of coverage you need for your specific situation, so working with an agent you can trust is a great way to start. Here is some information on three types of insurance you might consider purchasing.


Collision insurance is intended to pay for the repair or replacement of your car if you end up in a collision with one or more other vehicles. Many people choose to forego this type of insurance for older cars that have low value. Consider whether you can afford to replace your car or pay for needed repairs when deciding if you need collision insurance.


This type of insurance also covers the repairs or replacement of your car, but under different circumstances from collision insurance. Choosing comprehensive coverage means that your insurance company will pay for damage to your car caused by things such as hail, fallen tree limbs, or a collision with an animal. In addition, comprehensive insurance typically covers windshield replacement Denton.


Most states require all drivers to carry some level of liability insurance. This protects you if you cause property damage or injuries to a person while driving. Although you will be required to have liability insurance, many drivers opt to increase the amount of their liability insurance over the minimum required in their state. Talk to your insurance agent to get advice on how much and what types of liability insurance you should choose. Figuring out what your auto insurance needs are when you buy a car can be confusing, but looking at each type of insurance separately can help clarify things. Your insurance agent is a great source of information when you’re making insurance decisions.

Author: Erik Gray