Learn everything about Auto Insurance, in order to help you get the best rates!

Buying auto insurance can be a tricky business. I recently purchased a new car, and saw my premium skyrocket, with no real explanation from my insurance company. I decided to do some research, and learn about the policies and coverage’s I was paying for.

I learned all sorts of information about how insurance companies work, and how they calculate their premiums. I shopped around and found the best price for my car, saving $500 from my previous company!

I decided to construct this site, to help others understand insurance companies, the policies they have, and to help them get the best price (using the online insurance quote), as well as tips on how to reduce your premium!

All information is broken down into sections, which you can select, by the Navigation bar on the right, or by using the Table of Contents below which includes a description of each section.

I hope this site, helps you, and you end up understanding insurance, and saving as much on your car insurance as I did!