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Auto Insurance With Accidents

Having auto insurance with accidents on your record is tough as you never know what will happen to your rates. Whenever you have an accident,…

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Does Color Affect Insurance Rates?

The question of does color affect insurance rates is one of the most popular and common misconceptions about auto insurance. It has been widely believed…

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Can I Drive Someone Else’s Car If I Don’t Have Insurance?

A general rule of thumb for this question is that most insurance follows the car not the driver. In this case, if you are a…

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Auto Accidents with Uninsured Motorist

Auto accidents with uninsured motorists happen a lot in the United States and Canada. Many drivers make the decision to drive without having valid insurance,…

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Injured in a Auto Accident, and Not Wearing Your Seatbelt?

Everybody has done it at one time or another. Not buckling up their seatbelts. But what would happen if you were injured in an auto…

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Who is at Fault if You Run into a Illegally Parked Car?

This is a common site on many streets, seeing a illegally parked car, sometimes blocking a driveway or blocking park of the street. What would…

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Passenger Injuries in a Auto Accident ?

What would happen if you were driving a car, were involved in an accident, and there were passenger injuries as a result of the accident?…

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Parking Lot Accident

Who is at Fault? Parking lot accidents are both confusing and can result in large disagreements between parties. There really are no set laws while…

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How to Lower Your Online Insurance Rates

There are many things you can do in order to lower your online insurance rates, which will decrease your premium. I remember when I first…

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What Affects Car and Auto Insurance Rates?

Many things can affect your car and auto insurance rates. Trying to determine how your premium is calculated is a difficult and confusing process, and…

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