Auto Insurance Facts

Below you will find auto insurance facts, with information and explanations of how liability is determined in certain situations. Have you ever wondered whose insurance would cover a passenger when involved in an accident? What if an accident occurs in a parking lot?

Hopefully this will answer and help clear up some confusing and often asked questions.

Are You Liable if You Hit a Illegally Parked Car? 

Who is Responsible for a Parking Lot Accident ? 

Who is Responsible for Passengers Injured in a Auto Accident? 

Who is Liable if You are Injured But Were Not Wearing Your Seatbelt? 

How Does Your Insurance Cover You If an Accident Involves Someone Without Insurance?

Can I Drive Someone Else Car If I Don’t Have Insurance? 

Does Color Affect Your Insurance Rates?

From all these facts, you can see that when you get into an accident it can turn into a complex matter of determining fault and liability. Remember, never admit fault, and always gather as much information as you can right after the accident. Try and get some information from witnesses who support your case.

If you do all these things, then you will protect yourself from being at fault and liable, and ultimately raising your insurance rates. 

Author: Erik Gray