Basics of Car Maintenance and Repair

Owning a car means paying attention to the routine maintenance needed to keep it running smoothly. You’ll also need to address any problems that arise with your car. Finding a mechanic that you can trust is a great start. Here are a few things to think about regarding car maintenance and repair.

Follow Recommended Schedules

For routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, follow the recommended schedule outlined in your owner’s manual. Some items, such as windshield wipers and headlights, need to be replaced as they wear out or stop working rather than on a schedule. Inspect these elements periodically to be sure that everything is in working order.

Use Proper Parts

Different types of cars use a variety of parts, so it’s important to know what your car needs when you’re having repairs done. Even different trim options for the same make and model of car may mean that different parts are used. If you don’t have the specific information about your car’s build, you can use a database that offers VIN decoding for auto dealerships to get all of the details. With your vehicle identification number, your mechanic can get the proper parts for your braking system, suspension, or any other system that needs repair.

Maintain Fluid Levels

At least as often as you change your oil, you should also inspect other fluids in your car. Keeping an eye on the levels of things like brake fluid and transmission fluid will allow you to spot and fix a problem before it causes major damage to your car. It’s a good idea to look at your car’s coolant and windshield washer fluids even more often. These reservoirs are easy to check and important to keep full. Understanding how to maintain your car means you’ll be safer as you drive, and your car will last longer. Of course, having the help of a trusted mechanic makes maintenance and repairs easier, but it’s a good idea to know what your car needs.

Author: Erik Gray