Creative Ways to Get Your Marketing Messaging Noticed

More than ever before, consumers are bombarded with advertisements everywhere they go. That makes it more important than ever before for marketers to know what advertising channels are available for them and take advantage of the ones that will reach their target audience. While the traditional mediums of broadcast television, radio, and print are still vital, it’s important to supplement them with some more outside-the-box tactics to cut through the clutter.

Vehicle Wraps

Why not preach to a captive audience in traffic? Car wrapping Lawndale California is not only a great idea for your company’s own vehicles, but you might be able to convince other companies to let you wrap their cars with some of your ads (at least partially.) The more normal the car, the better; people are more likely to notice a decked-out Sedan than an ad on the side of a bus.

Digital Billboards

For many industries, out-of-home advertising (billboards) is a great investment. Others have avoided it, though, because their businesses rely on more timely messaging. Enter: digital billboards. Now, copy can be changed weekly, sometimes daily, or even more frequently. This is great to advertise gas prices, lottery jackpots, and quick sales or promotions.

Gas Pumps

We mentioned captive audiences before. Think about how long the time feels when you’re pumping gas into your car. You’re desperate for something to read or engage with. Rather than comparing Diesel and E85 prices, customers could be watching your commercial on a video display or reading your print ad on a pump topper. This idea is a slam dunk, but very few marketers take advantage of it.

Smart advertising is all about a thoughtful media mix. Determine your audience, plan your strategy, build your creativity, and then consider these less conventional channels to help bring you more traffic!

Author: Erik Gray