Difference Between Conventional and Synthetic Oil

When you go to get an oil change, you get the choice of what type of oil to put into your vehicle. While oil shops always will try to sell you on getting your air filters replaced, as well as a few other things, one of the most important decisions you will make it the type of oil to put into your vehicle – so pay attention!

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is the base level of oil that doesn’t have any frills or special additives. This oil is the cheapest option and is safe for your engine as it adheres to SAE and API standards. This oil is a great choice for people who have never missed an oil change and for vehicles who have a strong record of consistent oil changes. This oil is also a good choice for low-mile engines that haven’t had the wear and tear to have deposit buildups or other issues that conventional oil is not good for. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, having a high pressure oil pump rebuild kit may be necessary to get the job done. 

Full-Synthetic Oil

This is the high-tech oil that has to pass a lot of different tests to make sure it has a long life and can run smoothly at low and high temperatures. This oil is best for finely tuned engines that need maximum performance. While this oil is awesome, it comes with a price about three times higher than that of conventional oil.

Synthetic Blend 

This is a higher quality conventional oil with a small dose of synthetic oil. This sort of oil helps to offer better protection for your engine and can better handle high engine temperatures. These oils are great for SUV’s and trucks and don’t cost much more than premium conventional oils do.

Author: Erik Gray