Does Car Insurance Cover Towing?

Towing is one of those unexpected expenses that come with car ownership that can take a bite out of your wallet when you least expect it. Whether insurance covers your towing bill depends on your policy and the situation.

Towing Because of a Breakdown

If you need Towing Services Solano County because of a mechanical failure, your insurance will probably not cover it, unless you purchased the optional roadside assistance coverage. There is usually a limitation on the coverage, such as a total dollar amount or a mileage limit. Some policies will pay the bill directly, while others will reimburse you up to the limit of the coverage. Roadside assistance usually also covers other services, such as tire changes, refueling when you run out of gas, jump-starts and lockout services.

Towing Because of an Accident

If your car needs to be towed because of damage caused in an accident, who pays depends on your coverage and on who is at fault for the accident. If you have collision coverage on your vehicle, your insurance policy will probably pay for towing to a repair facility, though there may be limitations on the coverage. In some cases, the police may have wrecked vehicles towed to an impound lot and your insurance company may pay to have the vehicle towed to a repair shop or salvage yard, depending on the extent of the damage. 

If the other driver is liable for your damages, their insurance company should pay for your reasonable towing expenses. If you caused the accident and you do not have collision or towing coverage, then you will be responsible for paying the towing charges.

If you choose not to purchase collision or towing coverage, it is a good idea to budget a potential tow bill into your emergency fund. This way, you are not left scrambling for cash if you need a tow due to a breakdown or accident.

Author: Erik Gray