Finding the Right Recycler for Valuable Metal Parts

Many used auto parts are worth a solid chunk of money on the recycling market, and it doesn’t matter whether they work. The key to making this secondary income stream work for automotive businesses that commonly deal with parts disposal is as simple as finding a good vehicle recycler whose prices and methods of collection work for you. Simple isn’t always easy, though. Recycling businesses don’t always come to you, which means setting aside labor time to deliver parts or opting for a provider who comes to you. So which one yields better results? It’s not as simple as one or the other, because recycling prices don’t work that way.

Volume and Price

If you’re looking for a catalytic converter recycler Virginia who will offer you top rates while coming to you to pick up parts, you need to look for the operations that work in volume across the state. Larger operations have more cost-effective channels for collection because they often have pick-up sites near you already, making it easy for them to grab your used converters without adding a lot to their bottom line. That savings on collection costs is what allows them to offer better deals to their clients.

It’s also important you pick between general metal recyclers and those dedicated to converters. More specific recyclers often have the best line on prices in the market, but they don’t always offer the best prices. They do sometimes, but again, it often depends on their volume of business and infrastructure for collecting parts.

Regular Recycling Means Regular Income

One of the best ways to build consistent secondary income is by setting up a schedule for the collection of each part you’re recycling. That way, you don’t wind up waiting until you have a bunch of converters, battery cores, or starters taking up space. Instead, you have a consistent secondary income that can help with cash flow.

Author: Erik Gray