Helpful RV Storage Tips

Are you considering putting your RV in storage for the colder months of the year or while you visit friends and family for the holidays? Regardless of why you need to store your RV, you must do a few things before taking this step. Keep reading for some helpful RV storage tips.

Check and Clean All Seals  

Before putting your RV in RV storage St. John’s county, you need to give it a good once-over. This includes checking all the seals. If there is damage to these weather-sensitive areas, make repairs before storing it away.

Ventilation Considerations

Keeping moisture out of your RV should be a top concern. If moisture develops, it may cause musty odors or mold growth. You will likely notice this as soon as you take the RV out of storage.

The best way to keep your RV moisture-free is by leaving the vents in the roof open. You can even install vent covers, which allows you to keep them open at all times.

Slide Outs

When you store your RV, keep the slides retracted. This ensures the mechanical parts, roof, rubber seals, and slide toppers are not exposed to the elements. It also means a lower risk of leaks.

Rodents, Bugs, and Other Pests

Bugs and rodents can cause serious problems for RVs in storage. Ensure you block all openings leading into your RV, including the vent, exterior fridge panel, plumbing vents, and air intake piping. Usually, you can find specially cut screens for these openings to keep bugs and other pests out.

If you want to ensure your RV does not experience any issues while in storage, keep the tips here in mind. Doing so will minimize the possible problems you will have to deal with when you take it out of storage to use again. 

Author: Erik Gray