How To Get Rid of the Junk Car on Your Property

Nothing lowers the value of your property quite like a junk car parked in the yard, or worse, raised up on cinder blocks. Even if the car is parked in the driveway, a vehicle that you won’t fix is simply taking up valuable space. Luckily, you don’t need to spend any more time looking at your old vehicles. You have several options for removing them from your property.

Sell the Car

If your vehicle is only “junk” because it isn’t running and you don’t have the time or resources to work on it, you may be able to sell it. Input information about the vehicle into Kelley Blue Book to determine its value. If it’s worth the effort to sell, make sure you have the title, a bill of sale, and, if needed, the as-is documentation, as well as any other important paperwork. Clean it up, perform any basic maintenance that you can, and list it. With any luck, you’ll have it off your hands and be carrying a wad of cash in no time.

Sell the Parts

If you have the time and knowledge (or don’t mind paying someone who does), you can take the junk car apart to find the treasures underneath. Some items that might be worth selling include radios, power door locks, and other electronic components, the metal body, and the tires and rims. Engines, transmissions, and other powertrain components often sell well, and if they’re in good shape, you might even earn some cash for the windshields or side windows.

Have It Towed Away

You might mistakenly believe you need to pay to have a junk car towed, but the truth is that many companies will pay you. Junk car towing Washington DC services not only tow away your vehicle but pay you to do it. Any car gets cash, but the better its condition, the more you’ll receive. The service typically takes just 24 hours from the time you call, so your yard and driveway will be back to its former glory in no time.

Start your spring off with a clean yard that you can enjoy. Contact your local junk car towing company to help you get rid of your old vehicles.

Author: Erik Gray