How to Lower Your Online Insurance Rates

There are many things you can do in order to lower your online insurance rates, which will decrease your premium. I remember when I first started to drive at the age of 16, my insurance premium was a massive $2900 a year!!!

Driver’s Education

The first thing new drivers can do to lower their online insurance rates is to take a certified drivers education course. These usually consist of some in-class sessions, followed by some actual driving on the road, with an instructor.

At the end of the course, you must pass a written test, as well as a driving test, and you get a certificate upon completion. Most insurance companies require a copy of this certificate to verify that you have completed the training program. Some good driver’s education courses would be through the CAA in Canada or through theDMV in the United States . For new drivers, this is the very best way to lower your insurance rate, and this can decrease the premium by about $300.

Increase Deductible

Another method to lower your online insurance rates, is to increase the amount of your deductible. The deductible is the amount of money you have to pay when you make a claim.

If I have a $500 deductible and need to file a claim because I hit a tree, I would first have to pay $500 to the insurance company, then they would pay to have my car repaired. The deductible is present in order to decrease the amount of fraudulent claims. The higher the deductible the less likely you are to make a claim, thus decreasing your premium.

Drop Collision

If you want to lower your premium to a larger degree, then dropping your collision coverage will lower your rate substantially. If your car is getting older, and not worth as much, this is a smart way to save money and lower your premium.

In the case of a accident, the insurance company will go with the ‘blue book’ worth of the car. Once you factor 

in your deductible, and the amount of money you will have payed for this coverage every year, the amount you get out at the end might not be worth the amount you put in!

For more information on collision insurance, check out the types of coverage’ssection.


Installing anti-theft devices in your car may also lower the online insurance rates, as these will lower the probability of the car being stolen. However nowadays, most new cars come equipped with some sort of factory anti-theft device, so I’m not sure how much installing this would actually lower your premium.

However if you really love your car, it can’t hurt to make it as hard as possible for it to be stolen. You always seem to get less then you think you should from the insurance company, reducing the probability of the headache of a stolen car, may be a good idea. I suggest Viper security systems as they seem to have the best alarm systems.

Combining House and Car Insurance

Packaging your policies is a nice way of saving money on insurance. If you have Auto insurance as well as some other form of insurance (House), ask your insurance company about combing the policies to lower the rates.

Student Discounts

Many insurance companies, give a good student auto insurance discount, as well as discounts to medical personal. You usually need a copy of your transcripts or a copy of the diploma if you are alumni. Here is more information about student discounts, as well as companies that offer them 

Changing the type of your vehicle can also lower your online insurance rates. For information on new and used cars as well as anything automotive visit Automotive Anything

Author: Erik Gray