How To Make Fishing Fun for the Family

Its summer and it’s a great time to get out into the great outdoors for fishing vacation time with the family. Unfortunately, not all teenagers are excited about leaving their social media behind and spending a day in the wilderness with mom and dad. Check out these fun ideas to get your whole family excited about going out to the lake this weekend.

Make It a Project

You can turn the trip into a longer event that will have a higher level of investment from your family if you create a project that culminates with the fishing trip. To go fishing you’ll need gear and a way to get there. You can find all kinds of used pickup truck bodies for sale online that would be great for building the perfect fishing and camping vehicle.

Bring the Competitive Spirit

Make a game out of fishing and any other activities you might be bringing with you that will allow for a points scoring system and some kind of prize at the end of the day. The more your family and teens get involved in trying to win, the more they’ll forget about the game they are trying to beat on their phone.

Other Lake Related Activities

While you might love sitting on a lake for 4 hours waiting for the fish to bite, the rest of your family might need to break up the activity a bit. Bring some Frisbees and a kayak or two with you. This will give your family some more stuff to do making sure no one has time to stop and think they might be getting bored.

Going fishing should be an activity you can enjoy with your whole family without having to bring the internet along. With some of these fun ideas, you can get your kids off their phones and having a blast.

Author: Erik Gray