How To Make Your Event Extra Special

Whether you’re organizing a party for 50 people or an intimate dinner for two, there are some great ways to make your event extra special. Here are three examples to spur your imagination.

1. Rent a Car Service

Perhaps you’re taking your significant other to an anniversary event such as a concert or show. How about making it extra special by renting a car service so that you’re both free to concentrate on each other rather than parking spaces and fees? Find a service in your area by searching online with the following search terms and your location: “chauffeur and airport transportation service New York City,” for example.

2. Set the Mood

Flowers, lights, soft furnishings and music are all ways you can set the appropriate or perfect mood for your event. If you’re organizing a small birthday party for your best friend, for example, think about including vases of her favorite flowers, a playlist of her favorite songs and tableware in her signature color. These little touches can create quite an impression on your guests and guest of honor.

3. Serve Great Food

Many special events feature food, from snacks, canapes and nibbles to multi-course dinners. If you’re planning on serving food, make it great and increase your guests’ event enjoyment. If you’re not up for the challenge yourself, hire a trusted, reputable caterer who will work with you on signature dishes or ingredients. If, on the other hand, you’re keen on welcoming guests to your home for dinner, check out these terrific tips on how to host a dinner party.

Would you like more ideas on how to make your event extra special? Browse professional event planners’ and caterers’ websites and blogs for the latest ideas. Many experts also offer theme and product suggestions and how-to and hosting tips.

Author: Erik Gray