Preparing Your Car For An Emission Test

It is time for your car to have an emission test done but you are concerned that it will pass. Here are a few steps to get ready for the inspection.

Running In Top Condition

The first item you should check is to see if you car is running right. If there is anything going wrong, you should get it in for emissions repair lynnwood. There is a chance the inspector will fail it even though you believe it to be working. If you hear any strange sounds or it is bumpy when you drive, take it in to be looked at especially if there are any warning lights on.

Add Some Air

Filling up the tires in your vehicle can help you pass your test especially for cars built before the turn of the century. The smog machine will take a sample by the back tires next to the exhaust pipe. Keeping the tires well inflated allows for a smoother ride and a more accurate reading. You will also want to wait for a dry day to take it in so the tires stay stable on the road during the inspection.

Take A Long Drive

Before the emissions test, you will want to drive your car for about a half hour. Doing this allows the vehicle to warm up and gets the essential fluids to flow through it. It also gives it a chance to rid itself of any gunk that might give a bad reading.

Keep It Charged

You need the electronic systems in your car to give an accurate reading when you take it in to be inspected. If you disconnect your battery for any reason, it will wipe out these readings. Your car will fail the test if the smog tester has trouble getting this information. Wait a week or two to see the inspector if you disconnect it.

Author: Erik Gray