Proper Care for Your Travel Trailer

Camping is a popular pastime and tradition for many individuals and families. Spending time outdoors is a great way to relax and disconnect from the stress of daily life. Camping in a travel trailer is especially enjoyable as you get to enjoy additional comfort and security. If you’re new to trailer ownership or just need to refresh your mind on how to care for your investment, here are four tips for caring for your travel trailer.

Cover Your Trailer

One of the first things to think about before you purchase a trailer is where you’re going to store it when it’s not being used. Do you have a covered garage, carport or barn available to park your trailer? If not, it’s important to understand that you need to keep your trailer covered somehow.

If a covered structure isn’t available, another option is heavy-duty, UV-resistant tarps. If you live in an area with substantial snowfall, it’s wise to construct a peaked frame made of 2×4 wood pieces to keep the snow off your roof. The weight and constant pressure of snow can cause significant damage. If your roof has already suffered damage, travel trailer roof repair Temple TX is available.

Drain the Fluids

Most travel trailers come with water and waste tanks. Draining storage water and waste at every opportunity is advised to keep your trailer free from mold and bacteria. Make it a habit to drain storage tanks after every road trip.

Check Tires and Wiring

Before heading out on your adventure, be sure your trailer is ready for the road by checking the electrical wiring and tires. You need to make sure the trailer lights are working and you might need to lube the connections. Carry replacement bulbs as well so that your trailer can be seen from behind at all times. The tires should also be inspected for correct pressure.

Clean Inside and Outside

Cleaning your trailer after every trip promotes longevity. Clean the floors, shower, bathroom, counters, refrigerator and carpet after each trip. If your adventure took you through dusty or muddy roads, wash the outside of your trailer as well.

Properly caring for your trailer will increase its lifespan. Take the time to perform these simple functions on your trailer during both the on and off-season.

Author: Erik Gray