Remote Start Benefits

Remote start allows you to start your vehicle from inside your home, office or any other building. You will benefit from remote start in both hot or cold climates. After you read these benefits, you may start searching “remote start installation Maryland.”

Comfortable Driving

No one enjoys getting into a freezing cold vehicle in the winter, but it is equally uncomfortable to get into a hot car in the middle of the summer. With remote start, you can start your car without having to brave the cold or the heat. Because your car will stay running for up to 20 minutes, it should be nice and warm, or cool, when you are ready to go.

Improved Safety

Just like you can turn on your heat, you can turn on your defroster. This allows you to melt the snow and ice off your windows when you start the car. This also saves you from scraping that ice off before you drive off. You can get in your car and drive safely because all your windows will be clear of snow and ice, increasing your visibility.

Protect Your Car

The oil in your vehicle thickens during especially cold weather. In fact, if you drive your vehicle without warming the oil, you can damage your engine because the oil doesn’t flow as well through the engine’s parts. When your car is started and left to idle, the oil warms up and flows easier through the engine.

However, idling too long wastes fuel and increases pollution. Excessive idling, 30 minutes or more, may also add wear to your engine. However, remote start systems have a limited run time. Typically, your car will idle for up to 20 minutes before it shuts off.

Other Features

Remote start may also allow you to control your vehicle through a smartphone. Some systems even have longer range and more communication capabilities than your factory remote. Security features can also be added to your system. You may even receive discounts on your car insurance.

To experience the benefits of remote start, consider contacting a start and alarm installer.  

Author: Erik Gray