Signs It’s Time To Replace Tires

There are numerous responsibilities that come with owning a car. One of the most important is tire maintenance. Over time, the treads of the tires are going to wear down. Eventually, it is time to replace them. There are a few signs that drivers should visit an auto repair shop Palm Beach FL to get their tires replaced.

The Vehicle Takes Much Longer To Stop

When the treads degrade, the stopping distance of the car increases. The treads are responsible for grabbing the road, increasing friction between the pavement and the car. As the treads get worn down, the tires have a harder time grabbing the road, so it takes longer to come to a halt. If a car takes longer to stop, it can place other drivers and pedestrians at risk. Therefore, make sure to have the tire treads measured regularly to ensure the tires don’t have to be replaced.

The Car Has Trouble in the Rain

Furthermore, the tires are responsible for keeping the car safe during wet weather. If the treads wear down, they cannot cut through standing water. Water normally gets filtered through the grooves of the tire, so when the grooves are worn down, the tires float on top of the water and are no longer in contact with the road. This is called hydroplaning. Drivers may lose control of the car and skid when it hydroplanes, which could lead to a motor vehicle accident.

Get Tires Checked Regularly

These are a couple of the most common signs that tires need to be replaced. Remember that tires also have to be rotated regularly to ensure the treads wear evenly. As long as tires are rotated on time, drivers should get every mile possible out of their tires. Trust the professionals when it comes to knowing when to get replacement tires.  

Author: Erik Gray