Stainless “Steels” the Show

When people look at cars today, they might think they are seeing plastic panels stuck together to make a lighter, more efficient vehicle. This is not the case, though. Despite the plastic exterior, many parts of a car are made of stainless steel (sometimes even surgical grade stainless steel). Building cars with steel can make them safer and more durable, which means people can feel at ease when purchasing a new car.

Steel Parts

Below the plastic panels on the exterior of a car, is an array of steel parts. The most basic, and maybe most important, part is the frame. The car frame makes up the base that all the other parts sit on, and is usually made of stainless steel. The rigid structure of steel keeps the frame from being crushed in a wreck, which keeps the passengers safe as well. Even parts of the body of the car and the roof can be made of steel, though it may not be as thick as the frame. In addition to these, car exhausts are also made from stainless steel.

Benefits of Steel

Steel has many benefits, which is why it is typically used for the most important parts of the car. As mentioned above, it has a rigid structure which allows it to retain its shape in a crash. It is also an incredibly durable metal. This means it should retain its qualities longer than something like plastic and prolong the quality and life of your car. Manufacturing steel also has benefits for the environment. Less energy is required to produce steel, which means there are less harmful emissions during the process. Making steel puts less harmful chemicals into the air than making other materials. 

Although cars may look all plastic, they are actually comprised of multiple steel parts.

Author: Erik Gray