Tips To Making Your Car Shine Again

Everyone is attracted to the sleek look of a shiny new car. The clear coat makes your vehicle look amazing and protects the car paint Fort Worth TX from damage from the sun, water, road debris, and air pollution. Unfortunately, over time, wear and tear breaks down the top layer, and the car loses its sheen. Follow these tips to get your ride looking new in no time.

Remove Air Pollution Build-Up

Your car is exposed daily to all types of pollution. Things such as tar, smog, airborne pollutants, acid and chemical sprays fill the air and land on your vehicle. You can’t see many of these, but they stick to the surface and slowly erode the outer layer of protection. To remove this build-up, wash your car and then use detailing clay to help pull off the spots stuck to the surface. It gets rid of the particles without messing up the paint job.

Polish Your Car

Once the contaminants have been removed, you can use car polish to get rid of surface marks and scratches. There are many different types of polish available. Some work best with a rotary polisher, while others are best done by hand. They both give you the same result and make your car look glossy.

Seal the Paint

Once you have your car clean and shiny, you want to seal in the work you have done. Sealant is sold as wax or glaze and is applied similarly to polish. Applying a paint sealant protects your car for months at a time. There are even products available that protect the paint for up to a year. 

Taking these steps helps restore your car to its original shine. Not only does it look beautiful again, but the body of the car is protected against pollutants which prevents rust and erosion problems in the future.

Author: Erik Gray