What To Do if Your Check Engine Light Comes On

When you are cruising down the road and your check engine light comes on, it can be a startling experience. This light is an indicator that something in your ride isn’t working correctly. If this happens in your car, here’s what to do. 

What Do the Gauges Show?

Look at your dashboard to see if the engine temperature is very high or if the oil pressure is low. Either one can indicate a problem that causes the vehicle to overheat. If this happens, pull over right away so you don’t destroy your motor, and have your car towed to a local repair shop. A complete auto service Phoenix AZ center can fix the problem and get you safely back on the road.

Is the Gas Cap On?

Your car has a vacuum fuel system that sends gas through the engine and helps control emissions. Try tightening the gas cap because leaks in the system can cause the engine light warning. If the cap is tight, it may need replacing due to a damaged rubber seal or cracks. 

What Else Could It Be?

If your auto doesn’t appear to be overheating and the gas cap is tight, you should take your vehicle to a local shop. There are many other reasons the engine light comes on, and technicians can run the codes to determine the problem. Don’t assume all repairs are costly because many small items can cause this light to illuminate. You don’t want to keep driving the car and cause more damage because you avoided an inexpensive repair. 

If your check engine light comes on, pull over right away. Your car may have an immediate problem, such as an overheating engine, or simply a loose gas cap. If neither of these is obvious, take your ride into a repair shop for an inspection. 

Author: Erik Gray