What To Do With Your Old Car

Have you driven your car until it no longer runs? Did your grandfather hand over the keys to his old truck that’s been parked in the yard for the last 10 years? No matter how your vehicle got to the point of no return, there are two options for what to do next.

Sell Your Car for Parts

You may look at the vehicle and wonder why anyone would want to buy the parts. Many of the parts are constructed with highly sought-after metals, making individual pieces worth some money. For example, parts of the engine are attractive to scrap catalytic converter buyers, and low-mile transmissions are popular for rebuilders. If you are interested in this option and are not familiar with the value of what you have, reach out to a local mechanic or salvage yard for advice. Once you know what you want to sell, clean the parts up and take pictures. There are several different websites where you can post your items for people to see. Be aware that you need to be prepared to package and ship items to your customers if you are advertising nationally. 

Sell or Donate the Car 

The second option is to sell your car in its entirety. Even if the vehicle doesn’t run, some people are interested in buying it. Collectors and car enthusiasts are always looking for a good deal. If you have a highly sought after model, they are often willing to pay a hefty price and arrange for towing. If the car is not something others are interested in, it can be donated to charity. The charity, in turn, sells it and makes some money off your tax-deductible donation. Selling the car to one person may not give you a lot of cash in return, but if your goal is to dispose of it, this gets the job done easily.

Author: Erik Gray