What You Need To Know About Traffic Control Signs

Traffic control signs are the ones used on roadways to warn about hazards, direct the flow of traffic and give information. Drivers use these signs every day to stay safe on the road, but where do they come from and who oversees them? When you are trying to make your parking lots and roadways safer, it is a good idea to look into signs and how to incorporate them into your plans.

Where Do You Get Them?

You can find traffic control signs, and various safety and parking signs from a custom sign shop Washington company, most of which have online galleries to browse through for ideas. Depending on your use, you may need specific sign paints, backings and posts which can help you narrow down your choices. Many of these same companies can help you learn how to maintain these signs as well as get you all the parts and designs that you need.

Who Is in Charge of Them?

For the most part, municipalities oversee the signs in their jurisdiction according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. For instance, signs on city streets will be the responsibility of the city while signs on the interstate highway system will be the responsibility of the highway patrol. Traffic control signs are also owned, moved and maintained by roadway construction companies who also have to follow the regulations. It is important to routinely inspect your signs for visibility and damages caused by wear and tear to keep the roads safer for longer and in more weather conditions.

Getting the right custom traffic control signs is as much about what you want to say as it is about where you want to say it. You can find both permanent and temporary road signs for replacements, new projects and construction areas from the same places which meet the regulations established by the Department of Transportation.

Author: Erik Gray