What You Should Know About Ride-Sharing

In a world where bills are always rising, many look to the gig economy to supplement their income. Driving for companies such as Lyft and Uber is a great way to make some extra money with tools that you already have such as a car and phone. Some drivers even talk about the additional bonus of meeting new and interesting people. Here are some things to know.

Meeting People

The amount of rides you pick up depends on where you’re located. You don’t make money by driving around looking for passengers, so it’s better to find a public area where more ride requests are likely such as a downtown or other business district. Driving around just wastes gas money and increases the wear and tear on your car without the earnings that comes with actual pickup requests. Be aware that some passengers don’t want to chat with drivers. Making a bad impression on a passenger can affect your rating.

Providing a Positive Experience

Although a driving record background check will factor into your hiring, you need to think about providing a ride that leads to positive customer experiences. Besides being a safe driver, you should offer a clean, good-smelling ride. You shouldn’t have to get an interior detail every day, but visible stains, dirt and debris are a turn-off. Look for a good air freshener to keep things smelling fresh. Other bonuses such as offering a free phone charge or small bottles of water can also make a big difference.

Being Strategic

If your goal is to earn as much money as possible, be strategic about accepting trips that are far from home. A trip that takes you an hour away may earn a nice sum, but without requests on the return trip, you’re driving without earning. When you’re ready to head home, think about picking up passengers with routes that are on the way.

Ridesharing is a great way to earn extra income. You create your own schedule and you don’t need to wear a uniform. Keep these factors in mind as you contemplate this side hustle.

Author: Erik Gray